Beaver Valley is committed to working towards a sustainable future.  The beauty and tranquility of our unique location along the Beaver River is highly valued by members, staff and guests.  We understand the deep connection of our actions to the well-being of the natural resources that we depend on, and to the well-being of others.  This guides our planning and day-to-day decisions to help us contribute to a better world.



Beaver Valley is the first Canadian snow resort to participate in the NSAA’s Climate Challenge.  In this program we inventory our greenhouse gas emissions, set reduction targets, and implement projects to reduce our GHG emissions.


Many sustainability efforts can be seen in the cafeteria and members lounge at Beaver Valley.  From reusable dishware to locally sourced menu items, the kitchen team is leading sustainability efforts in the snow resort food and beverage industry.  Beaver valley is 3rd party Leaf Level 2 certified.


We are always seeking more ways to reduce our energy consumption and we have taken many strides to do so.  Our washrooms are our featured visible demonstration of our efforts, and our work runs even deeper than eco-efficient upgrades.  We have been awarded two Sustainable Slopes Grants recognizing our efforts to create a sustainable future by the National Ski Areas Association. These grants rewarded us with 5 high efficiency snowmaking guns from Snow Economics/HKD Snowmakers, and a
Dyson hand drier for the Keg.



Natural resources are the lifeline of our club’s operations and with this awareness we conserve and restore them.  All of our paper products are 100% post-consumer recycled content and we practice sustainable forest management.  We not only participate in an “Anti-Idling” Campaign in our pick-up/drop-off zones and parking lots, in 2010 we had the highest success rate of all participating resorts in Ontario in decreasing our idling.



Our waste management is a dynamic system that evolves as new technologies and ideas develop at the club. In 2010 we began single stream recycling, saving a lot of time and waste.  In 2011, in further efforts to reduce the waste generated here at the club, we initiated an organics diversion program.  All organic waste from the kitchen and from the cafeteria are sorted and brought to an organics processing facility.  Our waste receptacles are made of 100% recycled plastics and have 3 streams – organics, recycling and garbage.  If you’re at the club, be a part of the change and sort your waste!



With a Sustainability Coordinator on staff in a small office, sustainability is often a topic of conversation.  Many of our employees and members are passionate about helping to create a better world, thus sustainability is becoming a thread that weaves through our entire organization.

Keep an eye out around the club for ways that you can help us stay green!