Over 300 riders descended on Beaver Valley for one of Ontario's biggest annual snowboard events! With 260 entries setting a new participation record and dozens more riders on hand to enjoy laps in one of the province's favourite parks, the 6th annual Beaver Valley Banked Slalom was the largest yet! 

New for 2018 was a massive snow hip in front of the base lodge party deck, a mini-shred banked course for 10 & under riders, a mini-shred hike park and a new charity fundraising initiative for the local hospital in Markdale, in memory of Beaver Valley snowboarder Jacki Snarr!

The Banked Slalom is one of the few gatherings that brings together snowboarding icons and industry leaders to shred and hang alongside the newest generation of riders from park and street to pipe and race, including several past national champions and Olympians, as well as snowboarding legends such as Kevin Young, Dennis Bannock, Dave Wright, Steve Jarrett, Jesse Fulton, Brad Martin, Ryan Caesar, Andrew Skelhorn, Steve Cartwright, Sam Marcotte and Rob Madill to name just a few!

Built by Beaver Valley Snow Parks Manager Caleb Bosse and crew, the banked course was one of the most fun yet and Beaver Valley's top to bottom park was freshly rebulit with over 40 different rail set-ups, jumps, transitions, bowls and the new hip for everyone to enjoy!

The famed Banked Slalom deck party presented by Pabst kicked off with a BBQ lunch and gathered steam with charity prize draws supported by snowboarding's leading brands. By the time the Foremast Jacks band hit the stage, the afternoon apres was in full swing! So was the hip in front of the deck where massive methods were the favourite trick of the afternoon!

Congratulations to this year's fastest Banked Slalom riders, 29 year old Ryan Tryhane for the men and 14 year old Hannah Kilmer-Choi for the women! As part of the World Snowboard Federation's global Banked Slalom Tour, the Beaver Valley Bank Slalom's fastest riders will be entered in the Tour's lottery for spots at next year's Legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom! 

The winner of the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom's Union Binding Award for the Fastest Industry Rider was Jordan Sullivan!

Huge thanks to all of the Beaver Valley staff and volunteers who make this event such a great success every year. Special shoutouts to Barb Black, Caleb Bosse, Steve Jarrett, Stephanie Don Griot and Dave and Arlene Robertson! 

Kudos to all of the sponsors and supporters: Pabst, Kawartha Metals, Chapman's Ice Cream, Union, Vans, Capita, Arbor, Ride, GNU, K2, Burton, Lib Tech, Endeavor, 686, Zeal, Dakine, Thirtytwo, Spy, Airhole, Dragon, Rip Curl, Coal, Ski Big 3 and Sun Bum!

Thanks to everyone's generosity the 2018 Beaver Valley Banked Slalom raised over $13,000 towards the building fund for the new hospital in Markdale!

Stay tuned to @BeaverValley.SnowParks Instagram for more photos and video from the Beaver Valley Banked Slalom!