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Lifestyle programs at the club include Yoga, Fitness, Snowshoeing, Nordic Skiing, and more!  Sign up for the Lifestyle E-News Here


$15 (+hst) Drop In or $52 (+hst) 4 Class Pass

To purchase classes please email

LOCATION: Fireside Lounge75 Minute classes.

Yoga and Pilates: Please bring a mat if you have one

Conditioning: Please bring a mat, towel, running shoes, and water

15yrs+ (children’s yoga will be available during holiday camps and family weekend)


                                    2014/15 Holiday Schedule




              2014/15 Season Schedule (Jan. 10 – Mar. 15)

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Snowshoe Tracks

The majestic Beaver Valley is home to 12 km of Snowshoe trails located just off the club’s True North Trail. The trail is well marked with signage to guide you along your journey in the woods. The trail map runs in beginner, intermediate and advanced loops to direct you back safely to the Club.

Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club

The Beaver Valley Nordic Ski Club has invited cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and hikers to join their club to gain access to a trail system that the group has worked tirelessly to connect. The trail head runs out of the overflow parking lot at the top of BVSC, where nordic ski club members can park.



Lifestyle Class descriptions

Intermediate/advanced Yoga (Instructor: Kimberly Edwards)

Suitable for students who have a general grasp of yoga and are looking to try more challenging poses and to hold poses for a longer duration.  Also suitable for gymnasts, dancers and all-round athletes with some flexibility.  We will also include pranayama practice (breathwork) and learn some sanskrit terms.

Gentle/Beginners Yoga  (Instructor: Kimberly Edwards)

Has someone suggested that you try yoga for an injury, to improve overall fitness or as a general health enhancement? Curious about what all the talk is about? Join this beginner’s class and experience the calming and centering effects of yoga.  This class will introduce basic yoga postures and sun salutations with many adaptations to allow any body to reap the benefits of yoga.  It is also suitable for those with yoga experience looking for a gentle, restorative practice.

Pilates (Instructor: Penny Kennedy)

This mixed level class is based on Mat and Vertical Pilates and will strengthen and tone the muscles in your core, hips and legs. While your midriff is always centre stage, full body exercises are woven throughout each class, helping to improve posture, body awareness and flexibility.   Result: Improved performance on the hill and in your daily activities.  Leave this class feeling strong and revitalized.

Family Yoga  (Instructor: Kimberly Edwards)

Come for a fun, family oriented yoga class with partner and individual poses the whole family will love.  Reserve your spots.

Yin Yoga (Instructor: Stephanie Needham)

Yin yoga mobilizes and strengthens our joints, ligaments and deep fascial networks.  With a yin intention, the focus is the connective tissue (fascial system) enwrapping muscles, joints and bone.  This being the target tissue (fascia) suggests we go to the root of our musculoskeletal and visceral pain/injuries.  This meditative practice of remaining still in a posture for long periods (usually five minutes or more) without an agenda of manipulation influences the deep sustainable effects of yin. End result: a more resilient supportive physical body, a quieter receptive mind and a lighter, happier spirit.

Conditioning for Skiers (Instructor: Cathy Thomson)

Using functional training and principles of athletic conditioning, this conditioning class will focus on strengthening muscles NOT used in skiing. You’ll work through a series of exercises to tone and chisel your arms, shoulders, glutes, chest and back using your own body weight and gravity principles. Pilates-based abdominal exercises will help create a strong core so you stay balanced on the slopes. You’ll end with a chill full-body stretch session to lengthen the muscles worked in class.

New Years Day Candle Lit Class (Instructor: Kimberly Edwards)

Start the year off in a challenging class that will help you to detoxify, re-connect with yourself, and bring some acceptance and freedom into the first day of a new year!


Cleanse programs are sometimes offered during the season.  Stay tuned by signing up for the Lifestyle E-News here with Kimberly Edwards


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