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Gala Athletic Fund

February 12, 2012 | By: Beaver Valley Ski Club

YOUR CONTRIBUTION OF TIME, EFFORT AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO HELP OUR BEAVER VALLEY ATHLETES TO PURSUE THEIR GOALS AND DREAMS MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THEIR LIVES AND OUR CLUB.   The final value of the 2012 Gala Fundraising effort is still being tallied at the time of this post and will be reported on shortly.

How are the Proceeds used?

This initiative supports the John Zsolt Bursary Fund in which (1) Snowboard Athlete will receive $1,000 in bursary money to assist in offsetting the cost of post-secondary education.

The Competitive Fund supports up to (10) athletes each year up to $500 to offset expenses incurred from attending competitions at Provincial, national or international level.

To learn more & apply for assistance, visit the Membership Handbook in the Member’s Section of our website.

Club Investment in 2011

B-net to line race courses and terrain parks to keep our children safe on the snow

PA System

Air Bag for training ahletes

Rails and Park features to create progressive and leading terrain parks in Ontario

Race Gates

Portable training and development programs


Club Investment Wish List for 2012

Scoreboards for Real’s Run & Canyon

2 PA systems for both race courses

New timing system for ski races

B-net, this is an ongoing investment item

Video cameras

Specialized speed skis for kids to borrow

Portable, towable event trailer to be used on property for any competitive events

Your generosity is appreciated and builds strong athletes and futures for our kids and keeps the Club competitive on the escarpment.

See you at Club Champs!

Our next salute to our athletes will be at our Club Olympics recognition ceremony on Saturday March 10, at 2:30pm on the North Deck


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