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Freestyle results for February 5 & 6th at Mount St. Louis

February 9, 2011 | By: Beaver Valley Ski Club

Moguls Saturday February 5th


3rd place Kate Smith & 4th place Hannah Meikle


1st place Jenna Hewat, 2nd place Berkeley Brown, 3rd Laura Buttke


2nd place Leiney Lyon


6th place Alex Mackay


1st place Roman Robazza, 2nd Geoff Hardacre, 3rd Marc De Verteuil, 4th Tommy Doyle, 5th Kaelan Doyle, 6th John Morcam, 7th Sebastian Menendez

Honorable mentions go out to Adeleine Lyon and Sebastian Menedez for doing so well in their first competitions ever.  Congratulations!!  Everyone had clean top to bottom runs as well, so their training on Freefall must be paying off! 

 As well as our current BVSC competitors, the top scores for girls and guys were Aimee Hewat and Matt Smith ( both are past Beaver Skiers who are now competing on the SOR team)  Go, go go!

Park & Pipe Sunday February 6th results…

F4 1 st place Olivia Lane

M4 9th Sam Freedman, 10th Connor McBean, 17th Eric Pedersen

M5 4th Roman Robazza, 5th William Abbott, 7th Adam Marks

This weekend is Big Air Interclub being hosted at Blue Mountain on Sunday February 9th

Calendar update…Slopestyle Club Championships is now Sunday March 6th, it was scheduled for March 13th

Keep styling!

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